Used Horse Trailers

Used Horse Trailers are available in all makes and models. Our listings include all the major manufacturers and styles of horse trailers. Used horse trailers can be selected using the following guidelines.

Used horse trailers for sale vary in the number of horses they carry. Select from 2 horse trailers, 3 horse trailers, 4 horse trailers, and more. Find a used horse trailer to suit your hauling needs.

There are rear load inline used horse trailers, and slant load horse trailers. Slant load trailers load from the side. The 2 horse slant, and 3 horse slant horse trailer are the most common and may be easier to load for some.

Used horse trailers for sale that are made of steel or aluminum construction. The advantage to a steel constructed trailer is that it is cheaper to buy and easier to repair. The main disadvantage of steel is weight and rust. The trailer floors are drenched in horse urine which causes more corrosion. An aluminum trailer is lighter and holds its value compared to a steel horse trailer. Used Aluminum horse trailers cost more initially than a steel trailer but have a lot of advantages. One disadvantage is the repair cost is probably higher. keep in mind the construction material used in the used horse trailers for sale that you look at.

Buying used horse trailers in bumper pull or gooseneck. The Bumper pull is satisfactory for pulling a two horse trailer and probably up to a four horse trailer. When shopping for used horse trailers for sale remember that a good quality used gooseneck trailer costs more but they provide more control, a smoother ride, and they can haul a heavier load. As trailers go, a used gooseneck trailer is a safer setup than a bumper pull trailer.

Horse trailer manufacturers. There are dozens of builders of good horse trailers. Look for some of the popular brands by searching for used horse trailers for sale.

The safety and condition of the Used Horse Trailers you look at. - Here are a few important points to consider before hauling your horse or any horse in a an old used horse trailer. Have your trailer inspected by a trustworthy and knowledgeable person. The safety of your animals, other people, and you depends on maintaining that used horse trailer in a like news condition in regards to safety issues.

The first point of inspection is the floor. The floors are made of wood and the wood rots. I can't think of anything more horrible than a horse falling through the rotted floor of a used horse trailer. I won't mention any more about it because it sends chills up my back. The wood floor planking must be in top condition with NO rot, softness, or punky areas. A prime area of any used horse trailer for sale is to have the trailer floor inspected by a knowledgeable person. The underneath cross frames that the wood planks sit on must not be rusted. Surface rust doesn't hurt but anymore than that will reduce strength. The cross frames attach to the main frame. Inspect the welds for cracks and look along the edge of the weld for crack lines where the weld meets the frame. Again, it is a good idea to get a second and informed opinion. Have the trailer frame inspected by someone who knows horse trailers. Make a list of the used horse trailers for sale you are interested in. make a note of the floor and frame condition.

One item that is often overlooked when shopping for used horse trailers for sale is the door latch. Each door must secure easily and then unlock easily. The latch mechanism on the doors must be safe and lock so that the doors can't open accidently on the used horse trailer.

Trailer brakes - Once you get the rig rolling you must be able to stop it safely. Have the trailer brakes inspected by an expert and always drive with the idea that you have no brakes on the trailer. Give yourself plenty of stopping distance when pulling used horse trailers loaded with horses.

Trailer lights - Have the trailer brakes inspected by an expert and always make sure that the tail lights and brake lights are working properly before each pull. The lights on the trailer help other drivers to see your trailer and get an idea what your intentions are as to stopping and turning. Understand that many people on the road are not paying attention when they drive, and some are just plain stupid. Take all precautions you can before pulling any used horse trailers.

2009 EquiSpirit 2 Horse Bumper Pull Straight Load Trailer
2009 EquiSpirit 2 Horse Bumper Pull Straight Load Trailer
$4,750.00 (28 Bids)
Time Remaining: 55m
Buy It Now for only: $6,800.00

Sundowner Trailer
Sundowner Trailer
Time Remaining: 1h 53m

Sundowner 2 Horse Trailer
Sundowner 2 Horse Trailer
Time Remaining: 6h 10m

2002 Featherlite Steel 32 Gooseneck 3 Horse 6 SW TRLR LQ New Tires NO RESERVE
2002 Featherlite Steel 32 Gooseneck 3 Horse 6 SW TRLR LQ New Tires NO RESERVE
$9,900.00 (48 Bids)
Time Remaining: 6h 50m

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